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Across the Road with Everyone

July 1, 2018

Robin’s grandkids aren’t here anymore but one of the days that they were here we all went Across the Road. Robin didn’t think she could take us dogs along with those two kids but Meryl decided to go too.DSC_1563                We walked towards the dam and to the cement ditch.IMG_7840          Ginny is always focused on the ball and I follow her. I don’t know what the other three were doing. Maggie is usually trying to find something to kill. Finn and Sawyer run and then stop and play with each other (although they sound as though they are fighting).

DSC_1582                    This is on the way back. Meryl got tired and wanted a ride.DSC_1585               Robin doesn’t usually put the leashes on us until we get near the road, but I guess you just can’t trust those puppies (even though they’re not really puppies anymore).DSC_1587               Kirby (the kid in pink) wanted to take Sawyer’s leash but Meryl said that she needed to hang on to it.IMG_7866                Robin said that Kirby could hold my leash.IMG_7869                  I showed her the way home.IMG_7871                   Good kid.

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