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People Puppies

June 20, 2018

Robin’s and Dan’s grandkids were here for a couple of weeks. Us dogs were ignored more than usual except when the kids were outside. The little one’s name is Kasen. He found the ball-thrower and Ginny was hopeful. DSC_1234            Kasen wasn’t very good at using it, but at first he didn’t want anyone to help him. DSC_1243          Eventually he let Dan put the ball in the thrower.DSC_1258              Then he gave Robin the ball-thrower and let her throw the ball.

DSC_1245          Kasen took back the thrower and ran after Ginny.DSC_1249

Once Ginny had the ball she took it back to Dan, Kasen brought the thrower over, Dan loaded it, and Kasen ran off with it again. Eventually Robin could throw it for Ginny. This happened over and over. I, of course, have no interest in the ball, but I’m always there to chase Ginny when she runs for it.

DSC_1286            Kasen got distracted a few times.DSC_1288           Ginny, ever hopeful, followed him.DSC_1293                   It was a hot day and eventually Ginny took the ball and lay down in the ditch.

Good idea, Ginny!

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