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A Rainy Day Last Month

March 30, 2019

I’ve been hearing that I have’t posted enough blog posts. Talk to Robin about that. She controls the computer time. And the photos. And the food.

I had these photos lined up to use a month ago but it didn’t happen. In fact they were taken February 27 when it rained a lot.

IMG_2398This is what it looked like out back in the middle of this rain storm.DSC_6998All of us dogs were getting a little crazy being in the yard. Robin took us out into the driveway area to throw the ball.

When Ginny gets the ball she takes it away and brings it back on her terms.


DSC_7017When Finn gets it he usually brings it to the person who threw it.

Sawyer acts like she wants the ball but its really Finn and Ginny that are crazy for it.DSC_7028
Ginny got it this time.DSC_7038

Maggie doesn’t care about the ball. She just doesn’t want to get hit in the head with it.DSC_7071
When Robin went out to the barn to work Dan threw the ball for us.DSC_7081
A little water doesn’t bother us.DSC_7082



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  1. Auntysocial permalink
    March 30, 2019 8:14 pm

    What brilliant shots! Nothing says freedom and happiness like a filthy, muddy, soaking wet through dog even when it does leave your floors and tiles absolutely covered in paw prints and splats 🙂

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