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Meet the Sheep Day

April 27, 2019

Every year Robin has people come out here for a day she calls Meet the Sheep. She wrote a blog post that is here. I look forward to it because usually the Bunny Lady comes and there is a lot of work for me to do keeping track of those bunnies and baby goats. The Bunny Lady didn’t show up this time so there wasn’t as much work.

DSC_9161-2Robin added a Sheep Herding demonstration to the day, but Ginny got to do most of it. I showed people how I control the rams but there are no photos of that.

IMG_3528Before the sheep herding time Ginny tried to get people to play with her. Do you see her ball? Hint: it was once yellow but is dirty. (Look in the corner.)DSC_9233-2When kids were sitting on the ground she wiggled her way in to the group to be petted.DSC_9256-2She knows where the balls are kept even if there aren’t any up there in the fancy ball holder.

There are no sheep herding photos of Ginny either but after the demo Ginny tried to cool off. The last of the regular puddles from all the rain was almost dried up but Ginny knew where there was more water.IMG_3509I didn’t think there was a problem with that but Robin was rather disgusted with her.IMG_3511This is not your normal pool of water. Those piles are “compost”, but we know that they are really manure piles. This pool used to be much deeper with water but now that things are drying up it’s pretty well concentrated into sludge.IMG_3518Nice look, Ginny. IMG_3526Robin hosed Ginny off and after the next herding demo she provided Ginny with an alternate way to cool off.IMG_3567This is the evening after Meet the Sheep. What do you suppose Ginny is looking at? Her ball, of course, which is on the other side of the fence.

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