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Squeaky Thing

October 4, 2017

Robin was in the pasture tromping around in the water and us dogs were waiting for her near the barn. Then Maggie started barking. I went to see what she was barking about.


She was standing at a pile of pallets. She had been chewing them to try to get to something underneath. Do you see all the wood that she chewed? There was something under there that was squeaking.


Maggie went to the back of the stack and started to chew. Ginny came over to look also.


The thing kept squeaking or maybe chirping.


When Robin came out of the pasture she looked inside and took a picture. Then she got a stick and poked at the thing. It ran out and under another stack where we couldn’t see it. Robin says it’s a ground squirrel and there are too many of them here.


Catching up with Dog Life

October 1, 2017

Robin has been busy so she hasn’t let me use the computer lately. I think that is changing. She says she is still really busy but she knows that some of you have been waiting to hear from me.


This is a photo from about a month ago when it was so hot. That’s Finn trying to sneak in the pool with Ginny and me.


We like going Across the Road to the canal better. Ginny only swims because she wants to get the Ball. I like to get in the water to cool off and it makes my hips feel better.DSC_4051

Robin complains that everything sticks to my fur when I go down the hill to the big canal.


Sometimes she calls me Swamp Monster.


Ginny gets to herd sheep more than I do although Robin still counts on me to keep the big rams away. Ginny doesn’t do that as well.untitled-16

Ginny usually does a pretty good job of getting the little rams to move to the barn when Robin needs to sort them or weigh them. There is usually one that doesn’t want to do pay attention to a dog. Ginny’s way of dealing with him is to bark. Robin doesn’t like that–she thinks that Ginny learned that from Maggie.


Now they are doing what they are supposed to.


When Ginny isn’t helping with sheep all she wants to do is chase the Ball. That’s OK with me because then I can chase Ginny. Notice where the ball is. Ginny puts the ball where Robin is working and she has trained Robin to get it and throw it.


Here is another example of that.


Sometimes Ginny gets to go into the field to get the a bigger batch of sheep in.IMG_1277

This is when there were still a lot of ram lambs here.


These are all rams but most of them are gone now.

Robin says that she has to catch the big rams tomorrow so I’ll get to help with that.

Guest Post by Olive

September 30, 2017

Hi, I’m Olive and I am a very pretty flat-coated retriever. That’s a kind of dog. I don’t think that’s a very good name because I think that my hair is fluffy, not flat, unless I’ve been swimming. It’s flat when I get out of the water but then it’s spiky after I shake. But that is the name the people gave my kind of dog.

My mom took me to a farm yesterday because she was buying something. I was invited to go along on a walk to a place the three dogs that live there call Across the Road.  The lady named Robin said that she would take pictures and then I could write a story about what we did. So that’s what I’m doing.

We walked up the main road until we got to the dirt. I sort of remember this because I was there once a long time ago. I immediately got into the water.


Then I got out to see what the other dogs were doing.


These two had their own plans and I wasn’t included. The dog named Ginny was focused on a ball and the big one, Rusty, just kept watching the her. They ignored me completely but I didn’t mind. There were a lot of good smells and I was really good at finding parts of food that people had left behind and the slimy stuff that people had pulled out of the canal.


Then we got to a bridge. I didn’t like the noisy water going under it and I didn’t want to cross.


The dog named Maggie crossed the bridge.


I still didn’t want to.


My mom came and walked over the bridge with me.


The other three dogs took off again but Rusty and Ginny don’t play with Maggie either. Maggie said that she just wants to find things to chase. I said that I was all about finding good things to eat.


I found something good soon after that. We don’t see this in town because there aren’t horses on the streets there.


My mom didn’t want me to eat it though.


She finally got me to leave it but then I fooled her and kept on running.IMG_2454

Do you see how my hair looks spiky while I shake?


You can’t tell from this photo but what I like best in the water is to put my whole head in.


This ditch was dirt instead of cement so it was easier to get in and out. I like this ditch better than the cement one.


The farmer lady didn’t get very good photos of me but this one isn’t too bad.


We weren’t supposed to go running through the fields but Ginny ran out into this one because she thought that white thing was a big bird. I could have told her that it was not. That’s because I am a bird dog and she is only a sheep dog.



I think I’ll ask my mom if we can go to that farm again.

Peyton Reports

June 30, 2017

This is Rusty. There is a new sheep here that Robin says is going to write his story and I have to let him do it here because this is the Animal Blog. I didn’t know there was a difference between and Animal Blog and a Person Blog. What about a Dog Blog and an Other Kind of Animal Blog? No? Well, maybe he won’t want to write much.

I thought California was all about the new girls but they are on the other side of a fence and I have an old guy for company and, instead of hanging out with the girls, I’m telling stories to people I don’t know. Robin says it’s what you do when you move to her farm. 


This is me, Peyton. I used to live with a lady named Karen at Liongate Farm in Oregon where it’s not so hot. Then Karen took me to a place called Black Sheep Gathering, even though I’m not Black. But I am a Sheep so I guess that still works.


My pen was right by the door and people kept stopping to scratch me because I let them. This isn’t Robin. There is  picture of me getting scratched by Robin in the post she wrote about this show where I was. This lady is a friend of Robin’s who is named Lisa and she says that I will like the Farm Club when they come to visit.


On Friday afternoon Karen and her friends put halters on us sheep and took us for a very short walk to another pen.


Then they took the halters off and we walked around in another pen with a bunch of other sheep. The people seemed very concerned that we put our feet in just the right place.


And then don’t move. We got ribbons for this. Mine was white because that’s what color I am.


We stayed in our other pens for another day or two and finally Karen took me out of the pen to go home. But it turned out I wasn’t going with her. Karen put me in a pen next to some sheep with funny looking coats on. Then Robin put a coat on me. She said that it didn’t fit me because I’m Too Big, but that’s OK because it’s just for the ride home to keep the straw out of my wool in the back of the truck. Back of the truck? 


Yep. Back of the truck. I expected a nice trailer. That’s Doris, another one of Robin’s friends, and Doris thought that I should get in that old truck with those sheep that have horns. I don’t think so. Another one of their friends came to help lift me up and he had to go back for another person. I knew that I was Quite a Sheep, 


These sheep are small and they smell different.


Maybe it’s those coats they were wearing.


Robin started driving and sure enough, there was a hot wind and the straw blew all over the place. I guess the coat is a good idea because then I won’t have straw sticking into my shiny wool. My wool is a lot shinier than the wool on these other sheep.


Some of the other sheep lay down but I didn’t and Robin said that I BLOCKED HER VISION. Her other sheep are shorter and she didn’t have a problem seeing over them when she was driving here.


We stopped a few times but didn’t get out of the truck. Robin took a picture here because she said this means that we’re in California.


We got to my new home late at night and I went into the barn with the other sheep that were at the show. The next day Robin introduced me to an old sheep that she says will be my new BFF.


This is Jerry…Jerry Garcia. Dude. I might like California.



A Person Puppy

June 18, 2017

Robin’s daughter came to visit and brought her puppy.


He didn’t pay much attention to me.


But I think he likes Ginny.



Or at least he likes her Ball.


Ginny is good at sharing the Ball.


But Kasen doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with it.


Ginny tried several times…


…but he just didn’t get it.


Human puppies must not grow up as fast as dog puppies.





Cats and Other Things

June 10, 2017

Robin and Dan ate dinner at the house next door where Chris and Meryl live. They left me outside.


Chris and Meryl have Cats. I saw them from outside. We have cats in our house but they are boring.


These are Different Cats though and need watching.


Robin finally let me in the house.


Since these Cats are used to the  Puppies I guess they aren’t afraid of me.

We have been going Across the Road every so often–when Robin decides to make time for us.


Ginny will chase anything that looks like a ball. I don’t care what it is. I just want to chase her. Maggie doesn’t care. She looks for something little to chase and kill.


Here’s a random photo. Ginny snuck into the sheep corral and found a delicacy in the place where Robin dumps the wheelbarrow.  It looks like a stick but I know that it’s not. It is all dried out now but that used to be part of the stuff that comes after the lambs are born. Someone here said it is kind of like placenta jerky. She thought that people might be offended if I said that so I’m just saying that I was told that by an anonymous source.

Chicken Duty

June 10, 2017

The spinning ladies were here last week and one of them brought a cage with her. She and Robin went to the chicken house and put one of the chickens in the cage. That meant I had work to do.


That chicken should not be out of the chicken house.


But the ladies had other plans.


So I followed it to make sure that it didn’t escape on the way to the car.


This is a picture of the chicken before it left. When Robin got the three new ones she thought they were all girls, but this one was not. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t feel the same way about boy dogs as she does about boy chickens.