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Moving Sheep

March 25, 2018

Robin has been writing blog posts about lambing and she even included Cat Photos, but what about us? I guess that I’m supposed to write those.IMG_5651             This was from before the last rain when Robin put the sheep on the pasture south of the barn. She wanted to move the fence but a lot of times the baby lambs don’t understand and get in the wrong place. That’s when a Border Collie can help. But doesn’t Robin know that those lambs don’t understand the Border Collie rules and the moms are really mean? That makes it tough.

IMG_5653                    Robin had opened the fence up so that the sheep could go into the next paddock but needed to  put the fence back up so they wouldn’t go back where they had been. Do you see that mama sheep with the big horns? Those are scary.IMG_5655               The lambs don’t get it that they are supposed to think of us as wolves and go away. So the mean moms come towards us too. Robin thinks that I might bite a lamb (and maybe I will if that’s the only way they’ll pay attention) so she helped get them to move.IMG_5657              She sent Ginny after this lamb because she thinks that Ginny won’t bite.IMG_5660                The sheep were in the paddock where they were supposed to be…

IMG_5663                      …so then our job was to keep the stragglers from coming out of the barn and the others in the pasture until this fence was in place.IMG_5664

IMG_5666             After that we could move the rest of the sheep out to the pasture.IMG_5667                  Good dogs.


The Weather

March 6, 2018

Last week we were in the barn waiting for Robin to finish working. It was getting cold and windy.

IMG_5159      Then there was thunder. I hate thunder. It’s like a huge gun up in the sky. I hate guns too.IMG_5156           Then things started falling from the sky and that was even noisier on the roof of the barn.

IMG_5158                   This was not a happy afternoon. Speaking of bad days, Ginny had a bad day last week too.

IMG_5261                Robin took Ginny to the vet and Ginny was not happy about that.

Dumpster Diving During Lambing Season

March 6, 2018

Robin has been writing blog posts about lambing, but she doesn’t know everything that goes on while she is dealing with the sheep.           IMG_5216          Robin gets so busy in the barn that she pretty much ignores us dogs.  DSC_7871             Sometimes its hard for her to ignore Ginny though. She knows how to get Robin’s attention.

IMG_5212             The puppies are learning that the barn is the place to be during lambing time. You never know what kind of snacks you can find. (It’s been cold lately and when Finn goes out he wears a coat that Robin made for him out of wool fabric that she wove. She said that she wants to make more and sell them.) IMG_5215                  I don’t recommend going in that alleyway where the ewes and the lambs are. Those ewes can be mean. But Maggie and Finn keep going in there anyway.DSC_7863           Here is what Robin doesn’t know about. She usually dumps the wheelbarrow before we have a chance to check it out, but not always. If she saw Ginny there she would probably yell at her to get away.

DSC_7868           Robin says that this is a dog version of dumpster-diving, whatever that means.DSC_7862            Maggie finds her share of goodies too.IMG_5220          Once in awhile, when Robin isn’t looking, I see what was left in the manure pile…DSC_7866              …but mostly I am a good dog.


Shearing Day

February 23, 2018

Shearing Day was earlier this month. Robin wrote about it here. Shearing Day is when the sheep all have their wool cut off. A lot of people come to watch and it is always a lot of work for us dogs to keep track of all of them, besides dealing with the sheep.

IMG_4597         Robin didn’t take photos of us catching the rams or moving the rest of the sheep. She only started taking photos after the sheep were in the barn. At that point the people take over in the pens.IMG_4641           That is the shearer in the back. You can see him working in Robin’s blog, but this blog is about us dogs.IMG_4645                   I still wait in the barn most of the time in case a sheep gets in the wrong place…Shearing-DS-198                  …but sometimes I am called on to help entertain people too.DSC_7531                After the sheep work was done, Ginny took up her usual obsession.                      DSC_7533                     Robin sometimes says that I’m as obsessed as Ginny is, but I don’t agree.  (She said that I almost ran right under the tires of the truck as it was backing up just to be watching Ginny while she was waiting for the ball to be thrown. I don’t think so. I didn’t see any truck.)

IMG_4648         Ginny brought her ball to the barn…IMG_4649                …but no one was playing with her in there.IMG_4654              Maggie was around too but mostly not getting involved except when we were moving sheep. Then she’d do her usual thing of going upstairs in the barn and barking.DSC_7741                 Finn and Sawyer were out too. They don’t know anything about sheep.DSC_7541             The people spend time sorting out wool on this table with holes in it. Robin’s sheep are pretty clean but sometimes a piece of wool with something smelly stuck to it will fall through. We’ll be waiting.DSC_7740           There is some of the old wool on the ground in this picture.DSC_7738                    I wish that we sheared every day.

Furry Balls

January 31, 2018

One of you that reads this blog was here last week and said something about me being too busy to keep up with my blog. That’s not the reason. I haven’t been writing because it has been boring for us dogs. I think that there are some photos for another couple of posts but Robin will have to figure out where she put them.

On Sunday the spinning ladies came. They all sat outside and Robin had her loom while the others were spinning.

IMG_4494          Ginny was annoying people with her ball so Robin had the ball thrower handy when Ginny brought the ball to her. Notice that the puppies chewed that thrower so it doesn’t work as well now.

One of the spinning ladies had a pile of black wool on her lap.IMG_4500             She was pulling it apart and making quite a mess on the ground. Ginny knows that if she puts her ball into a spinners bag or pile of wool then someone will throw the ball.

IMG_4502              That ball had been in the pile of black wool and looks kind of hairy.

IMG_4508           Now we’ll get some action.


IMG_4504              The spinning ladies said that the ball was disgusting…

IMG_4495            …but that is just their perspective.



November 17, 2017

Maggie isn’t the only one who is sometimes preoccupied with furry things.

IMG_2940            This is the cement pad over the well. There is something under there.IMG_2941        Maggie and I have been working hard to get at it.

IMG_2944            Ginny decided that she wanted part of it too.IMG_2949

IMG_2942               Do you see that garbage barrel and the upside-down green sheep feeder? Robin put those there because Maggie started to bite through the conduit that has the electric wires to the pump. Robin says that would be a problem if she bit all the way through. Dan says that he’ll fix it later.

IMG_3421           That was from a couple of weeks ago, but we still go out there and wait for whatever is under there. Today Ginny dropped her ball  on the stairs of G-2 (that’s where Dan stays when he doesn’t want anyone to bother him) and it dropped down between the wall and a cabinet.

IMG_3423            This is Ginny from the outside looking for the ball, but Maggie and I know that there is another critter in there behind all those doors and windows. This work never ends.


November 16, 2017

This is Rusty. I wrote a blog post about Ginny herding sheep but it ended up on Robin’s blog. You’ll have to go here to read it.