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A Person Puppy

June 18, 2017

Robin’s daughter came to visit and brought her puppy.


He didn’t pay much attention to me.


But I think he likes Ginny.



Or at least he likes her Ball.


Ginny is good at sharing the Ball.


But Kasen doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with it.


Ginny tried several times…


…but he just didn’t get it.


Human puppies must not grow up as fast as dog puppies.






Cats and Other Things

June 10, 2017

Robin and Dan ate dinner at the house next door where Chris and Meryl live. They left me outside.


Chris and Meryl have Cats. I saw them from outside. We have cats in our house but they are boring.


These are Different Cats though and need watching.


Robin finally let me in the house.


Since these Cats are used to the  Puppies I guess they aren’t afraid of me.

We have been going Across the Road every so often–when Robin decides to make time for us.


Ginny will chase anything that looks like a ball. I don’t care what it is. I just want to chase her. Maggie doesn’t care. She looks for something little to chase and kill.


Here’s a random photo. Ginny snuck into the sheep corral and found a delicacy in the place where Robin dumps the wheelbarrow.  It looks like a stick but I know that it’s not. It is all dried out now but that used to be part of the stuff that comes after the lambs are born. Someone here said it is kind of like placenta jerky. She thought that people might be offended if I said that so I’m just saying that I was told that by an anonymous source.

Chicken Duty

June 10, 2017

The spinning ladies were here last week and one of them brought a cage with her. She and Robin went to the chicken house and put one of the chickens in the cage. That meant I had work to do.


That chicken should not be out of the chicken house.


But the ladies had other plans.


So I followed it to make sure that it didn’t escape on the way to the car.


This is a picture of the chicken before it left. When Robin got the three new ones she thought they were all girls, but this one was not. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t feel the same way about boy dogs as she does about boy chickens.

My Moms

June 4, 2017

Ginny here. Mom was gone for a really long time. I think she said it was 8 days. She wrote a bunch of blog posts about the trip but this is the one that relates to what I’m telling you now. She and her friends went to a place with a lot of sheep and she decided to buy one. She couldn’t take it on the airplane so when it got to California she had to go pick it up. I went with her. I found out that the reason that Mom took me with her wasn’t so I could help her but so that the lady at the farm could see me. This is where I was born.

Ginny-2 months-4

This is a picture of me when I first came home with Mom. She says that I was two months old.

This is me in the Farm Lady’s truck. We went over to her house to see…


… some puppies that were about 8 days old.


The Farm Lady (her name is Terri) said that this is my Other Mom.

Her name is Sue. My dad’s name is Butch, but he doesn’t live here. My Mom has the same kind of fur that Rusty does and she is 11 years old like he is. Then the Farm Lady said that Sue and Rusty were litter-mates. That means that Rusty is my uncle.

We went back over to the other farm go load the sheep. My Other Mom went off to work while I went to investigate a new smell.

Birthday Visit to Jake

April 29, 2017

I have a brother, but I don’t really know what that means. Colleen and Robin told me about him and Robin took me to visit at Colleen’s house where he lives. They said that this is our birthday month and we are both 11 now. I was worried that Robin would get out the stupid hats like this time but I guess she forgot them. Instead she expected us to sit and pose for photos.


Jake introduced himself…


…but then I went off to find something to do.


Robin spent time looking at Colleen’s flowers…


…but I found work,


…important work.


Colleen and Robin thought that it was more important to get photos of the two of us.


They were missing the point of a Border Collie being on the premises.



Evidently Jake doesn’t recognize the presence of this cat as a Job To Do.


They tried again.


Not your best photographic moments, eh, Robin?


Enough of this.


Then the people took us to the front of the house.


Robin snapped her photos.




Then Jake remembered …


…about his job…DSC_9594

…and I went back to mine.

A Hidden Bunny

April 23, 2017

Do you remember at the beginning of the month when the Bunny Lady brought baby bunnies and I had to watch them to make sure they behaved? Here are the pictures from then. Well, Robin had Spinners come over the other night and one of them brought a Bunny.

I scratched at the door to get in the shop where all the ladies were because I don’t want to be left outside. I immediately went to the box where the bunny was.


The ladies didn’t know what I was looking at. They thought it was the lights and shadows from the fan. That is so yesterday.


I was definitely focused, but it wasn’t on lights. Do you see the fur on my nose?


That is bunny fur. I knew there was a bunny somewhere in that box but when I stuck my nose in the box I didn’t find it.


So I just waited for it to come out. Eventually the Spinner Lady put the lid on the box of bunny fur without ever taking the bunny out. That’s probably a good thing because bunnies should stay in their boxes.

A Good Day

April 2, 2017

I knew it would be a busy day when the Bunny Lady showed up. I wrote this post  a year ago which was the last time she came.


The Bunny Lady brings baby animals and she takes them out of their cages, which means there is a lot of work for me.


Robin and her friends also moved some sheep with their lambs into other pens in the barn and then People started showing up.


There were a lot of kids. That is the Bunny Lady taking the bunnies out of their cages and letting the kids hold them.


There were some really tiny bunnies this year. Maggie had to stay near the house so that she wouldn’t try to eat the bunnies. And Ginny had to stay there too because Dan was afraid that she’d get in the way of the cars. So I was the main one on duty.


The Bunny Lady also brought funny looking lambs. They look very different than our lambs.


I watched the lambs and the bunnies to make  sure they didn’t escape…


…even with people trying to pet me.


I took a break once in awhile…


…but then got back to the job. There were a lot of people in and out all day. It was pretty late when all the people left. I thought the fun part of the day was over, but, Surprise! Robin took us dogs Across the Road. We haven’t been there in awhile.


She thought that she would take a photo of all of us together. That didn’t work very well because no one would stay in the same place.


She finally gave up on the posed picture.