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Dogs on Shearing Day

February 16, 2019

Shearing Day was a couple of weeks ago. Robin wrote a post about it here, but that was from her perspective, not mine.

IMG_2112Shearing Day can be an important day for us dogs–at least for Ginny and me. Usually we help with the rams first, but we had moved them the day before because it was going to rain and they needed to stay dry. Robin locked the ewes in and then there wasn’t much to do except greet the people who came. When John, the shearing man, showed up there was surprise. He had a dog with him! He was sure little, but he started running around like he owned the place.IMG_2114The dog’s name was Oakley.  He sort of wanted to play…IMG_2115…but Maggie doesn’t usually play. Ginny just growled at him.IMG_2052Later the puppies showed up in the barn so that there were even more dogs around. Oakley is smaller than they are.

IMG_2068While us dogs were trying to keep track of Oakley, the people were watching the shearing man shear the sheep. This is what it looked like when he sheared the ram named Buster.

IMG_2140There were some ladies in the barn who are learning to be veterinarians. I think they will be very good dog doctors because they sure made us feel good.IMG_2125Since our sheep work was over Ginny just wanted to play with the toy.

IMG_2119Some of the people who were watching the sheep shearing threw it for her…IMG_2141…but once in a while Oakley ended up with it.

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