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Stupid Rams

January 17, 2019

img_1843Robin was gone for a long time (5 days she says), and when she came back it started raining. Everything is muddy and she needed to clean the area where the rams eat. My job is to keep them away while she is working and I do that very well. They know that they can’t come near when I’m on the job.

img_1844This is where she was cleaning–getting the old wet hay away from the feeders. That’s Maggie poking around.dsc_5712Robin took this picture a couple of weeks ago. Notice that there are four rams here and only three in the first picture. The first day that she was gone Dan came out to feed and that smaller one with four horns was dead. We think that one of the others killed him. img_1849This is how they look up close. This bigger four horn ram is the dad of the one that was killed. Robin doesn’t want them near her unless she gets them into a small space to catch them. There was a fence between Robin and the rams when she was taking this picture, but she doesn’t trust that four horn one to not bash the fence if she is standing too close. There is another ram but he is in a different pen because he was beat up by one of these rams a couple of months ago. Stupid rams.img_1848This is the fence next to the ram feeder and those are the goats. They aren’t scary at all and want to be petted.


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