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November 17, 2017

Maggie isn’t the only one who is sometimes preoccupied with furry things.

IMG_2940            This is the cement pad over the well. There is something under there.IMG_2941        Maggie and I have been working hard to get at it.

IMG_2944            Ginny decided that she wanted part of it too.IMG_2949

IMG_2942               Do you see that garbage barrel and the upside-down green sheep feeder? Robin put those there because Maggie started to bite through the conduit that has the electric wires to the pump. Robin says that would be a problem if she bit all the way through. Dan says that he’ll fix it later.

IMG_3421           That was from a couple of weeks ago, but we still go out there and wait for whatever is under there. Today Ginny dropped her ball  on the stairs of G-2 (that’s where Dan stays when he doesn’t want anyone to bother him) and it dropped down between the wall and a cabinet.

IMG_3423            This is Ginny from the outside looking for the ball, but Maggie and I know that there is another critter in there behind all those doors and windows. This work never ends.

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