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Ginny at Lake Tahoe

October 30, 2017

It’s my turn to write. A few weeks ago Mom took me when she went to the mountains to visit with her friends. The car ride didn’t start out too well.


Mom had so much stuff in the car that there was barely room for me. Luckily she left that big box at the Post Office before we went very far. But I didn’t like it.

IMG_2709          Mom and her friends spent most of the time in the house but she did take me on a hike each morning. We went out before the others were up and walked for about an hour. Mom did’t take the ball because she thought that it would roll down the mountain and be lost. I had fun even without the ball. There are a lot of different smells in the mountains.

IMG_2715          Later in the day we walked to the lake and this time Mom took the ball.


DSC_4960           The other ladies brought dogs too. Fiona wanted to play with a stick.

DSC_4953             She didn’t try to take my ball.

DSC_4971                  I think that Mick wanted my ball but I always got there first.


DSC_4965            This isn’t like jumping into the canal at home.

DSC_4966             The water moves a lot…

DSC_4981          …and it is very cold.


IMG_2713          Mom finally decided that it was too cold for me to keep going in the water, but we came back the next day.


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