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Squeaky Thing

October 4, 2017

Robin was in the pasture tromping around in the water and us dogs were waiting for her near the barn. Then Maggie started barking. I went to see what she was barking about.


She was standing at a pile of pallets. She had been chewing them to try to get to something underneath. Do you see all the wood that she chewed? There was something under there that was squeaking.


Maggie went to the back of the stack and started to chew. Ginny came over to look also.


The thing kept squeaking or maybe chirping.


When Robin came out of the pasture she looked inside and took a picture. Then she got a stick and poked at the thing. It ran out and under another stack where we couldn’t see it. Robin says it’s a ground squirrel and there are too many of them here.

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