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Peyton Reports

June 30, 2017

This is Rusty. There is a new sheep here that Robin says is going to write his story and I have to let him do it here because this is the Animal Blog. I didn’t know there was a difference between and Animal Blog and a Person Blog. What about a Dog Blog and an Other Kind of Animal Blog? No? Well, maybe he won’t want to write much.

I thought California was all about the new girls but they are on the other side of a fence and I have an old guy for company and, instead of hanging out with the girls, I’m telling stories to people I don’t know. Robin says it’s what you do when you move to her farm. 


This is me, Peyton. I used to live with a lady named Karen at Liongate Farm in Oregon where it’s not so hot. Then Karen took me to a place called Black Sheep Gathering, even though I’m not Black. But I am a Sheep so I guess that still works.


My pen was right by the door and people kept stopping to scratch me because I let them. This isn’t Robin. There is  picture of me getting scratched by Robin in the post she wrote about this show where I was. This lady is a friend of Robin’s who is named Lisa and she says that I will like the Farm Club when they come to visit.


On Friday afternoon Karen and her friends put halters on us sheep and took us for a very short walk to another pen.


Then they took the halters off and we walked around in another pen with a bunch of other sheep. The people seemed very concerned that we put our feet in just the right place.


And then don’t move. We got ribbons for this. Mine was white because that’s what color I am.


We stayed in our other pens for another day or two and finally Karen took me out of the pen to go home. But it turned out I wasn’t going with her. Karen put me in a pen next to some sheep with funny looking coats on. Then Robin put a coat on me. She said that it didn’t fit me because I’m Too Big, but that’s OK because it’s just for the ride home to keep the straw out of my wool in the back of the truck. Back of the truck? 


Yep. Back of the truck. I expected a nice trailer. That’s Doris, another one of Robin’s friends, and Doris thought that I should get in that old truck with those sheep that have horns. I don’t think so. Another one of their friends came to help lift me up and he had to go back for another person. I knew that I was Quite a Sheep, 


These sheep are small and they smell different.


Maybe it’s those coats they were wearing.


Robin started driving and sure enough, there was a hot wind and the straw blew all over the place. I guess the coat is a good idea because then I won’t have straw sticking into my shiny wool. My wool is a lot shinier than the wool on these other sheep.


Some of the other sheep lay down but I didn’t and Robin said that I BLOCKED HER VISION. Her other sheep are shorter and she didn’t have a problem seeing over them when she was driving here.


We stopped a few times but didn’t get out of the truck. Robin took a picture here because she said this means that we’re in California.


We got to my new home late at night and I went into the barn with the other sheep that were at the show. The next day Robin introduced me to an old sheep that she says will be my new BFF.


This is Jerry…Jerry Garcia. Dude. I might like California.



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