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My Moms

June 4, 2017

Ginny here. Mom was gone for a really long time. I think she said it was 8 days. She wrote a bunch of blog posts about the trip but this is the one that relates to what I’m telling you now. She and her friends went to a place with a lot of sheep and she decided to buy one. She couldn’t take it on the airplane so when it got to California she had to go pick it up. I went with her. I found out that the reason that Mom took me with her wasn’t so I could help her but so that the lady at the farm could see me. This is where I was born.

Ginny-2 months-4

This is a picture of me when I first came home with Mom. She says that I was two months old.

This is me in the Farm Lady’s truck. We went over to her house to see…


… some puppies that were about 8 days old.


The Farm Lady (her name is Terri) said that this is my Other Mom.

Her name is Sue. My dad’s name is Butch, but he doesn’t live here. My Mom has the same kind of fur that Rusty does and she is 11 years old like he is. Then the Farm Lady said that Sue and Rusty were litter-mates. That means that Rusty is my uncle.

We went back over to the other farm go load the sheep. My Other Mom went off to work while I went to investigate a new smell.

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