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Ginny Has a Check-up

February 2, 2017

Hi, This is Ginny talking. I got excited yesterday when Mom put my crate in the car and told me to get in. I figured that were going to Sheepdog Debbie’s place where I get to herd sheep that know what they are supposed to do when a Border Collie shows up. It was a trick. When Mom opened the door it didn’t smell right and then she opened the crate and I saw the street. It was the Doctor Place and I was not happy.


First I was supposed to sit on this thing in the corner.


Then I had to sit on the floor and wait for something to happen.


I stayed right next to mom when this other dog came out of the Doctor Door. Her name was Daisy Bell or Dixie Bab something like that. She didn’t want to be there either.


Look who strolled out from the Doctor Door next. She didn’t have a person with her.


I think she lives here at the Doctor Place.


I guess that is why there is this artwork on the wall. Maybe White Cat owns the Doctor Place and gets to decorate it. Mom took the picture of those cats because she knows who made it–someone who sells things at the same place where Mom sells the stuff she makes.


White Cat came up to me to sniff my nose. I guess if she lives here she is not afraid of dogs. Then it was time for me to go into a smaller room.


I know that this is the way out.


Aren’t we ready to go yet?


This is my Doctor. She is named Doctor Murray and she seems nice but I still didn’t want to be there. She said that I am pretty and that my teeth look OK even though I chase tennis balls. Mom asked about that because a friend of hers said that his dog’s teeth were worn out from playing with tennis balls that get covered with sand. Dr. Murray said that as long as I just chase and catch the balls it’s probably all right. Dogs that chew them all the time may have problems.

Bye now. Thanks, Rusty for letting me use your blog.


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