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Across the Road Finally

February 2, 2017

Rusty here. I let Ginny go first with the blog tonight. Do you remember when we used to go Across the Road? That seems like a long time ago now. The last time I wrote a blog post about it was here. Robin wasn’t taking me much because my hips were so sore and I had a hard time going all the way around the regular loop. And then Robin was gone for a really long time (12 days I think) and then it rained a lot so it was muddy over there and we had our own lake here. Well, it stopped raining so Robin decided to take us for a walk again. Then she realized that I could chase Ginny on the whole walk and not have to take the short-cut home, so she has been taking us Across the Road more. (It must be those pills that I have in my food every day.)


Here we are ready to be let off the leashes. As usual Ginny is watching The Ball and I am ready to chase after Ginny and Maggie is oblivious to that game.


Lately Ginny thinks its funny to drop The Ball down a slope and watch it for awhile before she goes after it.

Ginny got in trouble on this walk. Robin was taking pictures of the ground (yeah, kind of dumb) while Ginny and I were waiting for her to throw The Ball and all of a sudden Maggie came racing by chasing a rabbit. Then Ginny followed. They both went out of sight, around the turns in the dirt road. Robin ran after them (as if Robin thinks she can run as fast as a dog and a rabbit) and I followed her (even I know that I can’t catch a rabbit). Then Maggie popped up out of the canal way ahead of us.


Robin yelled for Ginny…


…and eventually she showed up too.

The next walk:



Ginny was still rolling The Ball downhill. Robin took some video of her doing this but she hasn’t done anything with that yet.


But she also wants Robin to throw The Ball…



…and so do I.



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