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My Vacation by Ginny

November 14, 2016

I went on a vacation with Robin. I didn’t know what to expect. She had been packing the car all morning and us dogs figured that she was going to leave us home like usual. Then at the last minute she told me to get in the car!

Robin drove for a long time. She made me stay in the car while she left and went into a big building with her computer but later we both got out where there were trees and she let me get a drink out of a creek.

We finally got to where we were going and I saw someone that I recognized.


Fiona was there and she was sitting on the couch.


I thought that I’d sit on the couch too but Robin made me get off…several times.


Not long after we got there Robin started doing things with her wool. I tried to get her attention but it didn’t work. She just kept stuffing wool into old socks. She says she makes dryer balls that way.


So a lot of the time us dogs were bored and we slept.


That’s Mick, a dog that came the next day. He was bored too. Fiona was standing at the door in this picture. She was looking for the bears that  someone said were in the area. We stood on the deck at night and barked at the bears. I just know that they were there.

It wasn’t all boring. Robin took me on several walks with The Ball.


I learned more about gravity…


…That’s what Robin says makes my ball roll away from me when I put it down. That doesn’t usually happen on the road at home because we live where it’s flat (although maybe that’s why it rolls into the ditch Across the Road–I’ll have to think about that).dsc_4253

I found a little bit of water when I needed to cool off. Wait until you see the pictures of the Big Water that I saw on the last day!


Robin did a really poor job of getting photos of all of us dogs. She tried, but none of the photos are any good. Part of it was the other dogs’ fault.


They just aren’t used to posing like I am.


Do you see what I mean?


Maybe their moms don’t carry cameras around all the time.


Robin finally got lucky with Mick.


Now that’s a good pose, Mick.


Here is the Big Water. Robin says that I have to wait until tomorrow to show you those pictures. Here is what Robin wrote  about our vacation.

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