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Across the Road with the Ball

November 6, 2016

Do you remember what the water looks like Across the Road and how Ginny likes to jump in to catch The Toy? You can see it here. This is what it looks like now:


Robin says that those ditches fill up with irrigation water in the summer but that the people that are in charge turn off the water in the middle of October. How do you turn off a river? It looks like a river to me.  In any case there isn’t much water there now. When it rains there will be some, but it doesn’t stay for long unless it keeps raining.


Ginny keeps dropping her toy…no, now it’s the Ball where the road is sloped.


Then the Ball rolls into where there is supposed to be water and she has to go get it.


This is what the Ball looks like. It’s the orange one. Those yellow ones fall off a Ball Tree this time of year. They don’t bounce like the ones we bring with us.


Ginny sometimes drops the ball where she is supposed to. Robin has this orange Thrower Thing so she can pick up the ball without getting slimy and then throw it farther than she could if she didn’t use the Thrower Thing.


This is at the bottom of the ditch where the water is really fast in the summer. Back then Ginny was dropping her toy in there and expecting Robin to get it. Now Ginny has to get it herself.


There was a little bit of water in this part of the ditch–at least enough to get a drink and for Ginny to cool off.


It must have been wet here on the road awhile ago for all these footprints to be show up.


I found some water here but it was mostly black mud. I was hoping to be able to float while I walked because that makes my hips not hurt so much but the water wasn’t deep enough.


Robin says these are baby sunflowers that sprouted after we had the rain a couple of weeks ago.


In this picture Ginny was waiting for Robin to throw the Ball. She thought she was tricking me but I know what she was doing. She cut our walk short because I kept sitting down. She threw the ball for Ginny in the direction towards home because then I got up and run to chase her.  So what if my hips are sore. I still want to chase Ginny.

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  1. November 6, 2016 3:31 pm

    Hey Rusty! Glad to see you out with Ginny…I was getting worried. Is Ginny a good student? What are those Lime-Green fruit??? -Magic

    • November 6, 2016 5:52 pm

      Hi Magic,
      Ginny does OK. Her obsession over the Ball or the Toy is a bit much but when there are sheep to herd she focuses on them like she should. The Ball and Toy are just substitutes.

      Do you mean the Ball Tree? Robin said that they are really called osage orange and the balls aren’t good for anything. Robin and her friends like the tree though because the wood makes a bright yellow/orange dye for their wool. She said that the wood is very hard and people like to use it to make bows.

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