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Another Puppy

October 25, 2016

It seems that there is another puppy that I’ll have to deal with, but this one doesn’t live here. She will just visit every so often. Her name is Daisy and she lives with Robin’s brother’s family. Kathy (that’s her mom) and Chris (Robin’s son who lives next door) have been arranging play-dates for their puppies. Yesterday they were here and all of us met Daisy.


This is Daisy. She is a Queensland Heeler.


She seemed a little grouchy at first but maybe that’s because Ginny came on a little too strong. The people didn’t let Maggie and me out at first because they thought that would be too much for Daisy. We are the ones who know how to behave though.

I must tell you here before I go farther that Robin didn’t do a very good job with these photos. There aren’t any photos of ALL of us. There are very few of ME. And most of them have either dog tales in the wrong place or you can’t really tell which dog part you’re seeing.


See what I mean? That’s Maggie’s tail. Ginny had the old Toy. (That’s because the newer Toy has lost it’s rope and Robin hasn’t fixed it.)


Daisy wanted to investigate the Toy.


She took it from Ginny.


Then Finn got it. After that the puppies chased each other and the Toy traded hands mouths.





Ginny followed the Toy and I followed Ginny as usual.


This is Sawyer and Finn investigating something smelly that was left over from when Robin and her friends dyed yarn the other day.


Chris decided to organize things. He’s playing Tug with Finn, Ginny is keeping her eye on the Toy in case it is thrown, I’m waiting for Ginny to run, and Sawyer is oblivious to the game and barking at Ginny.


We all went out to the barn and got to really chase the Toy (or Ginny).



Finn is a little intimidated by Amaryllis.


The goal was for Daisy to learn about playing with other dogs and get worn out.


I don’t thing she got worn out. Hey, Kathy, you’re going to have to think up something else for that.

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