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Puppy Play

September 1, 2016

Sometimes the people open the get between our yards and let The Puppies come over. It’s mainly so that Ginny will babysit them.


She runs with her toy along the deck near the house and up these steps. DSC_2270

The puppies follow but by then Ginny has disappeared…DSC_2271

…because she jumps off the deck into the garden.


Ginny comes out of the garden…


…and get the puppies to chase her again.


She is too fast for them and gets out of their way…


…until she doesn’t mind them catching her.


This is one of the favorite play spots. It’s one of Robin’s garden spots that doesn’t have a fence. I think that us dogs aren’t supposed to be in there but she can’t do much about it without a fence.


I still have my own way of following Ginny when she has the Toy.


Maggie is always around too but she doesn’t want anything to do with puppies.



Ginny’s focus.


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