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Ginny’s Day

August 23, 2016

Can I write in your blog, Rusty? Please? Pleeeze?


This is Ginny. Rusty said that I can show you what I’ve been doing. This is me going out to get the ram lambs for Robin.


Now I have them running in.


Then Robin just wanted me to keep them in one place because she was taking pictures.


Here is one of the pictures she took. This ram is a bad ram because he doesn’t pay attention to me. I bark at him and then Robin yells at me.


We go on walks sometimes in the afternoons. Robin wasn’t paying attention and forgot to tell me to get Red Toy so I brought the wrong one.


This Toy sinks in the water. Robin threw it in the water by mistake and she had to lie on the bridge and grab it as it came under.


Then she just threw it on the road instead of in the water.


Maggie goes on the walks too but she doesn’t pay attention to the Toy or to me.


We see a lot of these big white birds. One of these days I will catch one.


I just know it.

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