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Puppies in My Yard

August 6, 2016

It didn’t take long after the puppies arrived that they came into my yard.


Ginny still wants to just play with The Toy and then I chase her. Just like always. But now sometimes the puppies get knocked over because they aren’t fast enough to get out of the way.


Ginny has competition for The Toy however.


She doesn’t seem to mind someone else with her Toy as long as it is eventually thrown again.


She gets more annoyed at this.


She has learned out to create her personal moat to keep the puppies away.


Finn is playing Olympic Ring Toss.


This is the puppies with their Mom, Meryl.

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  1. August 7, 2016 12:20 pm

    Oh the puppies are so adorable! I love Ginny’s moat, very ingenious of her 😀

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