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New Neighbors

August 6, 2016

Robin and Dan were gone for a long time last month. While they were gone we got new neighbors. I think it was a surprise to them when they got back. Or maybe it was that they expected one new one, but not two. Here are photos that Robin took when she got back.


That is Finn in the front and Sawyer in the back with the blue eyes. Chris and Meryl are their parents and they said that the puppies are part Border Collie. That means they are related to me. I’m not too sure about that. Do they really look like me?


All of Robin’s friends were real excited about this and wanted to come meet them right away.


Licking someone’s face? Is that what it takes to get a little attention around here?


I guess they are kind of cute because they are babies.


The puppies have their own fenced yard.


When Robin took these photos the puppies hadn’t been allowed on our side of the fence yet.


Ginny thought they might be fun to play with but Finn barked at her.


The puppies have their own baby toys.


They get tired pretty quickly…


…and they don’t know how to use their bed yet.


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