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June 13, 2016

I don’t get to go Across the Road much anymore. Robin takes Ginny and Maggie but leaves me behind. I always want to run after Ginny but then I get too sore to walk back home. (By the way, Robin says thanks to many blog followers for the advice about that. I have tried several remedies–maybe I’ll write about that some time.) Anyway, for now I don’t get to go there much. The last time we walked Across the Road, Robin kept me on a leash thinking that if I didn’t run full speed after Ginny then I’d be OK.IMG_1656

We are all always on the leashes until we get Across the Road. It’s not just Across, but we also have to walk Up or Down the road to get to the Across the Road part where we get to run. (And it’s not really Up or Down even though that’s what Robin says. There are no hills. It’s left or right, or in sheepdog terms Away or Come By..well, sort of.)IMG_1058

Here are some baby ducks that we saw on that walk.


Robin’s plan was to keep me on the leash while Ginny ran after the Toy. I’m not happy about that.


Eventually she gave in and thought that it would be OK for me to be off the leash where she throws the Toy in the water for Ginny. It does feel good to walk at the edge of the water because the water holds me up.


But that’s not enough. I want to chase Ginny in and out of the water and just for a little bit when she takes the Toy out of the water. Then my hips get really sore again.


Robin says that she’ll take just me Across the Road so I won’t care if we are going slow, but she hasn’t done that yet.

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  1. Joan Jurancich permalink
    June 14, 2016 6:00 am

    I’m sorry to hear that your hips get sore, Rusty. I know how much you have always liked running. I hope Robin can find a remedy that gives you relief from the pain.

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