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Dogs Across the Road

April 30, 2016

Robin wrote a blog post about taking photos with a certain lens and then she told asked me to show you the photos that she took of Ginny. DSC_8604This is me watching Ginny while Ginny waits for Robin to throw the Toy into the canal.DSC_8597Most of these photos are of Ginny jumping for the toy. Some are blurry but Robin says that’s the best she did so use them anyway.DSC_8616

DSC_8594I continue to wait on the bank. It’s not hot enough for me to want to go in the water just for the heck of it. And besides my hips kind of hurt and it’s hard to go in there.DSC_8635Robin says that only young people can jump like that and not think about what hurts or is going to get hurt.DSC_8647



DSC_8593You have to have a good shake each time you come out of the water.DSC_8658Robin decided to cut the walk short because she thought that it was too hard on me. I would have kept going. I love to run after Ginny. But after I run a little then I have to sit down because my hips are hurting a lot. So we turned down this road. Robin said to tell you that the mountain that you can barely see in the background where the road is pointing is Mount Diablo. DSC_8686This is looking back to the west and that’s our barn. You can’t see our house because it is in the trees. This canal looks kind of pretty right now when it’s green and there are flowers and there is irrigation water flowing. Robin said that you can now almost pretend that it’s a real stream.Ginny and RustyRobin went down a little ways to take flower pictures but then thought we looked better.MaggieMaggie is always with us but she doesn’t get in the pictures much because she is usually up ahead looking for squirrels. DSC_8708Robin likes this photo because I’m in it and maybe because of the rainbow.

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  1. Joan Jurancich permalink
    May 1, 2016 5:48 am

    I always like your commentary, Rusty.

  2. May 10, 2016 4:50 pm

    Hey Rusty! Don’t forget to take your meds. Thinking of you. Love, Magic

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