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Across the Road

April 20, 2016

We finally get to go for walks with Robin Across the Road. It’s been a long time since we’ve been there.  Robin put some pictures in her blog but they aren’t that interesting because they don’t all have dogs in them.IMG_0676I used this picture because you can see that Maggie is with us. She is usually up ahead because all she wants to do is hunt squirrels. Ginny stays near Robin (except when she chases birds and gets yelled at) so that she can chase the Toy and I stay near Ginny so I can chase her.IMG_0675I like to chase Ginny but (though I hate to admit it) my hips and legs hurt a lot. I still chase her but I don’t always follow her back to Robin. I have figured out that Robin throws the Toy in the direction where we have just come from so that Ginny has to run there and back again. Robin thinks that will get Ginny more tired but it doesn’t really work that way. Anyway I wait until Ginny runs back that way and then I don’t have to run as far. I am so glad that the canals are full of water again. It feels good to move with the water and float some. It’s not very easy to get out of the canal now though.IMG_0679The canals have these boards that we walk across to get to the other side. IMG_0680This is where we cross to go back towards home if we’re doing the regular loop.IMG_0670Robin took these photos of the last time we were over there. Ginny is glad to get to chase her Toy in the water again.IMG_0671



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