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A Lazy Day at the Barn

February 26, 2016

Robin said that Maggie wasn’t supposed to go to the barn with her broken foot. I guess she changed her mind. We all spent most of the day yesterday at the barn but Maggie slept a lot.DSC_6156 MagieShe found a good spot in the shade…DSC_6160…which I shared with her for awhile.DSC_6167 MaggieThen she went to the sun…DSC_6189…and I took her other spot.DSC_6163However Ginny, of course, just wanted Robin to throw the Toy. This is a view from where Robin works at the skirting table. That is a table that has a top made of white plastic pipes. Robin and her friends put wool on the table and the dirt and the little bits of wool fall between the pipes. IMG_9185 GinnyGinny thought that if she put the Toy in a pile of wool then maybe Robin would throw it. That strategy worked.DSC_6187




DSC_6223 GinnyGinny would still rather move sheep than play with the Toy. Me too.

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