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Lambs & Maggie’s Bad Luck

February 24, 2016

We’re going to be spending a lot of time in the barn because it’s lambing time. Robin says she is going to write a blog post everyday while lambs are being born but I don’t think she really will. Here is her first one though, with the first three lambs.

This post of mine is about two things. The first is about how dogs are supposed to behave in the barn at lambing time.IMG_9143 dogsRobin has the gate shut here because two of the dogs (guess which two–I’m not one of them) will go through the gate any time it is open. Robin gets annoyed because she doesn’t want to have to shut it all the time when she is going in and out. But those two dogs can’t resist the smells and tastes that are Beyond the Gate. They also haven’t learned that some of those ewes get really mean after they have babies.

The other part of this post is about Maggie. Robin was getting a bale of hay off the haystack today and unhooked a chain that was holding some of those metal panels so they wouldn’t fall over. The hay bumped the panels and the panels fell over. They were big long ones and they hit Maggie. She ran away on three legs.IMG_9152This is what her foot looked like.IMG_9155Here is another photo that Robin took while she was trying to get a vet on the phone. Do you see where the foot is bent? It’s not supposed to be.


This is Maggie waiting for the vet to look at her. Robin had to leave her there so they could take x-rays. They also gave her some medicine so her foot wouldn’t hurt so much. Maggie came home later that afternoon and she had a bandage on her foot.IMG_9166The vet said that two bones were broken, but they are just little ones–the metatarsals. Maggie has to keep the splint on for almost two months I think. She is supposed to rest. She is not supposed to go Across the Road. She is not supposed to go to The Barn. She is not supposed to get it wet. She is not supposed to be a real dog for two months. I think that will be hard.IMG_9169Right now she has medicine to make her feel better but she doesn’t act better.IMG_9171She was acting scared outside. Inside she is sleeping.IMG_9173When Robin finished chores tonight Ginny couldn’t figure out where Maggie was. Usually they chase each other when we go back to the house, but Ginny couldn’t find her.

IMG_9162By the way, here is a picture of how you’re supposed to act when the Lambing Gate is open.

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  1. thecrazysheeplady permalink
    February 24, 2016 12:56 pm

    You are a good dog, Rusty! Give Maggie a kiss for us. She’ll be all better in no time.

  2. Jean Ainsworth permalink
    February 26, 2016 1:21 am

    Poor Maggie! I’m glad to see that you have a kitty nurse to comfort you. A couple of months ago, my cat Vinnie got a terrible abscess. He had to go to the vet and had it cleaned out & one stitch, so I nursed him by helping him keep it clean. I guess that’s why a friend is so great. Try to be a good patient and follow doctor’s orders. Hope you are well soon. Bonnie

    • February 26, 2016 7:23 am

      Maggie says “thanks”, Bonnie. She is kind of like you were–being afraid of things. She had gotten a lot better, but she is acting afraid again. Maybe that’s because her leg hurts although she is doesn’t act like it. She is also taking some medicine so t won’t bother her as much.

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