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Catching Up

January 21, 2016

Robin just wrote a blog post using random photos of what she has been doing and she suggested that I do that too because she hasn’t let me write much lately. (Its been kind of boring anyway. Not much to write about.) So here is what relates to us animals.IMG_8067This was from a few weeks ago and we haven’t gone Across the Road since then. It’s been raining and, even though us dogs don’t have a problem with it, the people don’t want to walk in the mud. Do you notice something strange about me?IMG_8069Robin attached this thing to my back.IMG_8072It kept slipping sideways and she tried to make it stay up. She says that it was making movies of what we were doing. I’ve heard that policemen wear cameras but I didn’t know that the police K-9s have to. I don’t know why she thinks we need to be filming. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I guess I’ll decide if I like the idea when I see it. GinnyGinny has been doing more herding than I have. She has three practice sheep in her flock.Ginny (1)Speaking of herding, Robin was watching some videos of Border Collies and sheep.IMG_7966Sunny likes them too.DSC_4321The people went to Sam’s house for Christmas and didn’t take us.  We just found out that Sam is sick although he doesn’t act like it. There was a lump on his foot so that is better than if it was somewhere else but he has to have a lot of treatments and he is staying at the vet hospital in Sacramento for three weeks and only coming home on the weekends. Sam, Rusty, BennyMatt and Kaleena got Sam when he was very small  in 2007.  Kaleena was very sick at that time and he helped her get through the years that she was sick. Now she is healthy and will help Sam. ginny weight 2015Speaking of the vet and health and all that, Ginny went to the vet for an appointment yesterday. The doctor said that she was in good shape. Robin thought that she was getting a little too heavy a few months ago and put her on a diet. This is what Robin wrote in the barn on the Lambing Board from last year. At her vet appointment Ginny was 37 lbs which is about right. I weigh about 50 pounds but I think that’s OK for me. IMG_8340Did I mention that it has been boring. We don’t get to go Across the Road. Robin has been gone a lot and when she is here she spends a lot of time in her shop or sitting in her chair. She took this picture from her chair. We’re waiting….


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