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Robin is gone and Strangers are here.

December 7, 2015

Robin wrote this blog post about her day yesterday. Here are my thoughts on the matter. Thanks, Lady Stranger, for  writing down my story and using your computer since Robin took hers.

Today we woke up, went outside, and when we came in breakfast was
ready. Ginny did her usual post-breakfast patrol but got nothing from
my bowl, ha. Then The Strangers drank hot brown liquid out of cups for
way too long. Maggie, Ginny and I were ready to check on the sheep
right away! What were they even doing?! The Strangers are slower than
Robin. They also like to pick pomegranates.

When we got near the chicken coop, The Strangers found the rat Maggie
killed last night, when they were busy and it was dark. We played
outside for a couple of hours with the Man Stranger while The Lady
Stranger fed and watered the sheep. I helped her get the sheep out of
the barn. The Man Stranger had to remind her to say “That’ll do”
because she was saying “Good boy, Rusty.” Wrong! Who are these jokers?
I sure hope they are not moving in. They do not know what they’re

Ginny plays with an orange disk now but can’t always pick it up.

Amaryllis got a carrot today and the chickens got grass and
pomegranates, which they ate a lot of. The black sheep in with
Amaryllis are eating some of her rye hay and leaving some of their
green food. They are weird. The Man Stranger brought the chickens more
grass in the evening, they liked it so much. Who eats grass?! He said
grass can make eggs better.

I don’t know where Robin and Dan are, but they have gone away before.
Ginny does not remember this, I think. Last night, she would not come
in the house and was curled up on the porch of Robin’s shop, waiting
and waiting. The Strangers called and Ginny would not come until one
of them went to her. When Ginny came inside she was clinging to The
Lady Stranger, hiding under her legs and shaking. Ginny was so scared.
The Strangers pet her for a long time while Maggie and I slept and she
calmed down, but then she just wanted to play.

Maggie sure can snore.

Black Cat vomited a little on the curtains from its perch today, so
The Lady Stranger washed them. She hung them up while they were damp
and they dried there. Weird.

Maggie thinks it is time for dinner every time The Strangers open the
door after 3 PM.

The Strangers need a lot of help with sheep. They keep calling me in
to chase the sheep out of the barn or in toward their food, which they
do not need my help with, but I admit it makes me happy. I also tend
to take a nap after helping The Strangers.

Orange Cat got after Robin’s yarn in her office today but The
Strangers stopped him. Orange Cat is so bad, but I think he just
misses Robin, too. He sits in Robin’s office chair and waits and

Now The Man Stranger is cooking something in a pot that smells good
and is making me hungry. Maybe he’ll drop some on the floor. I sure
hope The Strangers feed us soon. The Man Stranger reads the newspaper
like Dan and The Lady Stranger knits like Robin and her friends, but
they are NOT Robin and Dan.

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