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Across the Road in the Summer

August 20, 2015
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It’s been a really long time since Robin let me use the computer. I thought I’d let you take a walk with me Across the Road. At least that is one thing Robin has kept up with. We have been going every day–usually late in the evening. Robin says that if we don’t go then Ginny is a little nuts. (Way to go, Ginny!)


We walk down the main road on leashes. Robin gets annoyed if when we pull. Maggie and I are on the right and Ginny is on the left along with The Toy. Robin didn’t take a picture of us on the road. This photo was taken after we’re on the dirt road that is Across the Road and she has thrown The Toy. The main road is just past the tomato field and that is our barn that is farther from the road than it looks. Those hills are where there have been some big fires lately. Robin showed pictures of the smoke.



In this photo Ginny is bringing The Toy back after Robin threw it the other direction and I am waiting to run again.DSC_8804

It is about here that I always go down the steep hill into the big canal. Those green plants are growing in the water so there isn’t really a place to walk down there.  You plunge right into the water when you walk into the plants.


This is me after I have been in the big canal. I’m ready when Robin throws The Toy again for Ginny.DSC_8825

Ginny has started to go down the steep hill too. Robin used to not let her take The Toy with her but she usually hangs on to it.




It’s pretty dusty on the road right now and all that dirt sticks to wet fur.


We don’t mind. By the way, I haven’t said much about Maggie, but she just does her own thing. She doesn’t play or run with us. The part of the walk that she really likes is on the last half when you hear ground squirrels chirping and she can try to find them.


Robin said that I should put this photo here so you can see what is growing in this field.

If we go the regular loop then we circle around to the cement canal. This is where Ginny used to drop The Toy and Robin would have to fish it out. Now she and Ginny have an understanding.


Usually Ginny won’t drop it in. If she does then she either goes in after it when Robin tells her to or Robin gives her more encouragement pushes her. Ginny still can’t always get out while she is holding The Toy. After she swims in place for awhile against the current (she seems to like to do that) then she will swim to the edge. Robin reaches over to take The Toy and then after Ginny gets her claws on the cement Robin will help give just a little help for her to get out.   DSC_8900

When we get nearer to the end we all cross to the north and east side of the canal. I like to get in the water here but Robin doesn’t like me to because that water is running fast and she thinks that I might get dragged under that bridge. DSC_8902

Maggie usually waits and crosses further up because she has run up ahead to go to the best ground squirrel holes.DSC_8904

At this part of the canal Robin throws The Toy for Ginny into the water. It is deeper than the cement canal and the water is slower. Also at the curved parts there are rocks and chunks of concrete on the banks so us dogs don’t make trails that will erode. Ginny jumps for the toy, swims to the bank…


…and then shakes.


She does this over…


…and over.

DSC_8920  DSC_8942 DSC_8946

I continue to chase, but not in the deep water.


Then we get back on the leashes and walk home.

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