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Three Dogs Across the Road Again.

June 27, 2015

Ginny has this toy that she is obsessed with. Robin wrote about it in this post and then she wrote a post about why she has been taking two dog walks a day– one with Ginny and one with Maggie and me. In this post Robin told about how Ginny keeps losing the toy in the canal and then Robin has to fish it out. So now Ginny has a new Toy that floats and Robin has been taking all three of us together Across the Road.

I guess Robin thinks that Ginny behaves well enough so that we can all be on leashes on the road until we get to the dirt road. IMG_4609

But I have heard her say that the main reason that she can take all of us is that Ginny is still so obsessed with the Toy that as long as Robin has the toy she doesn’t have to worry about Ginny chasing birds across the field. There are a lot of photos in this post but I think that’s OK since I haven’t written any posts in a long time. IMG_4638

This is one of Robin’s artsy photos of us Across the Road. You can see the Toy hanging from her belt.IMG_4656

She makes us all “Lie down” while she unclips the leashes.IMG_4657

Then she says “OK” and we’re off, except for Ginny who is waiting…IMG_4660

…for Robin to throw the Toy.IMG_4664

Here she brought it back and…IMG_4665

…Robin threw it again.IMG_4677

Do you see that white spot down the road? That is an egret and Maggie and I know that we will catch one someday. So we like to chase them. Robin doesn’t want Ginny chasing them so that is a good time to distract her with the Toy.IMG_4681

Ginny usually creates a cloud of dust when she skids to a stop.IMG_4683

When it is really hot I will swim in this canal and so will Ginny. Maggie doesn’t because it’s harder to get in and out of.  In this photo Ginny dropped the Toy so she could swim. She only does that when she is super hot. Otherwise she drops the Toy in the water and stands on the bank waiting for someone to get it out.


Sometimes she leaves the Toy in the road so that Robin will throw it for her.IMG_4690

I keep hoping that she will put the stupid thing down and play with ME.IMG_4700

Waiting again.IMG_4715

In this photo we are at the part of the canal where it is easy for dogs to get in and out and the water is not running as fast.


Robin throws the Toy in the water when we are here. I don’t know why Ginny is so focused on that thing, but she sure is.IMG_4728 IMG_4730 IMG_4732

Here is a problem. I think this was the first time that we took Ginny and the new Toy Across the Road. Ginny swam for the Toy but then she kept on swimming.IMG_4733

She got out on the other side.IMG_4741

Robin kept calling her and telling her to “get the toy” but she finally just swam back without it.IMG_4752

We finally had to go all the way to where the paved road crosses the canal and walk back up the other way.IMG_4754

That didn’t phase Ginny. She was ready to go again.

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  1. June 29, 2015 5:30 pm

    Hey RUSTY! NEWSFLASH!!! Ginny is a Border collie…get used to this behavior. Your friend, MAGIC

  2. June 29, 2015 8:35 pm

    I know that us Border collies have some…er…obsessions (I like to think of it as Focus), but a pink toy? Really? When she could be playing with me? Robin says that she thinks that Ginny’s FOCUS is as intense as it will be when she starts herding sheep. Me, I just want the sheep–I was never interested in toys. However, Robin gets annoyed when we’re not herding sheep (which is most of the time) and I flank suck or tail bite to relieve my built up energy.

  3. September 7, 2015 7:54 pm

    So cute how much she loves that toy!

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