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A Walk in the Woods

May 12, 2015

Yesterday Robin took all of us dogs in the car to Sam’s and Kirin’s house (that’s where Matt and Kaleena live) and we all went on a hike. That means that first we have to fit everyone in Sam’s truck.


Part of the back seat of the truck lifts up and makes more room, but not much. The people put a tarp down on the floor because Robin thought Maggie might throw up. She already did that once on the way to Sam’s house. She doesn’t like curvy roads very much. It’s a good thing that Ginny doesn’t do that.


Sam and Kirin ride in the back. That’s Kirin with his head out the window. I guess it’s better to have to lie on a tarp on the floor than be in the back with those two really big dogs. We drove up some curvy roads until Matt decided on a place to stop.


We all walked down this road for about a half a mile and we were almost at the river when we saw a truck and a bunch of other stuff that made it look like the people were staying there awhile. So we turned around and went back to the truck. DSC_5673

We drove some more and got out at this place. We walked down this road awhile and then headed off the road and through the trees until we found the river. Robin had her camera of course and went a little nuts taking pictures of flowers and trees. The people were talking about how the trees were all black from a big fire last year. It made it easy to walk through the forest because there were no bushes in the way. Robin wrote something about that on her blog and put a lot of her flower pictures there.


This river was a pretty nice place although it was a little hard for me to climb over some of the rocks. Sam and Kirin spent most of their time chasing a rubber duck that Matt threw in the water. The water was cold and deep enough that they had to swim to get the duck. They did it over and over and over. DSC_5764

That’s OK because then they didn’t bother me. I really just wanted to watch the sparkles in the rocks.


I have to admit that I am impressed with how well they swim…DSC_5735

…but I really don’t get the attraction to that plastic duck.


I think Ginny was a little jealous.DSC_5746

She got in the water but swimming in the river is a little different than swimming in the canal back home. And she also acted like she was afraid of Sam and Kirin. They pretty much ignored her but she would put her hair up and act like she was going to attack (or maybe play). Then when one of them turned to face her she would growl and run back to Robin.DSC_5767

I think I can say that we all had a good day. It’s been pretty boring at home lately and this was a good place to go for a walk.IMG_4041This picture was taken on the way back to Sam’s house. I’m already asleep in here–I got my space on the floor first and the other two had to fit in around me.

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  1. May 12, 2015 11:53 am

    Watching the “sparkles” in the rocks made me laugh. Ginny is looking gorgeous! -Magic

  2. May 13, 2015 9:55 pm

    I did had a walk in the woods too! Even caught a meces for the very first time. well it got away in the end but I felt so chuffed!


  3. Jean Ainsworth permalink
    May 15, 2015 11:04 pm

    Glad you had a nice hike & hope Maggie didn’t throw up any more on the way home. Stella & I had Frosty Paws ice cream to celebrate my 6th anniversary here on the 7th. Both of us are now on two medications for our arthritis so our hikes have to be much shorter now. Bonnie

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