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Ginny and Me

April 28, 2015

Robin had been too busy to let me use the computer lately. These are some photos from over the last month or so that I didn’t get to share yet.

Rusty in manure pile

This is the compost manure pile. Unless you’re a farm dog you may not know what I’m looking for here. Hint…it was lambing season when this photo was taken. Lately Robin disposes of all really good stuff but once in awhile some if it gets into the pile. I know where to get under the fence to get to the pile but Maggie and Ginny don’t and I’m not going to tell them.


Ginny has this toy that Robin throws for her. But when that toy comes out then I want to play–not with the toy, but with Ginny when she is running.


She is pretty good at playing with me if I can get her away from that silly toy.


Here is a photo of me after one of our walks Across the Road.

Robin took us both to the dog doctor the other day.    IMG_3053

I keep waiting for that door to open so I can leave.IMG_3054

I convinced Ginny that she should stand close to the door also in case we get a chance to get out.IMG_3055

Then we have to go into another room, but maybe that door will open. We need to be ready.IMG_3061

Ginny gave up.

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  1. April 28, 2015 1:34 pm

    Hey RUSTY! Its MAGIC…you look like you know how to play fair with Ginny. Good job! GINNY…pay very close attention to RUSTY, he knows what he is doing. -MAGIC

  2. Bonnie permalink
    May 3, 2015 12:51 am

    We can certainly understand not wanting to be at the vets. Stella & I had to go Friday for our last rattlesnake venom shot. At least the people took us to a very nice park in Mt. Shasta afterward for a nice walk. We are going to have dog ice cream on the 7th to celebrate my 6th year of living here. I still miss seeing you Rusty. Ginny is really growing. Bonnie

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