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Down and Dirty Across the Road

March 4, 2015

I don’t know where the squirrels have been but we haven’t had any reason to dig in their holes lately…Until tonight. We stopped at every hole tonight and I taught Ginny what to do.IMG_2407 IMG_2409 IMG_2410

It got a little annoying complicated because Robin makes Ginny stay on a long leash now (more about that later) and we were both getting tangled up in it.IMG_2411 IMG_2416

Looking good, Ginny. You’re getting the hang of it.


In this picture of Ginny above you get a good view of where we walk. The squirrel holes are under the trees at the top of the photo. The dirt road and a ditch that has water in the summer goes along the edge of the field. We’re on the other part of the road heading toward home. The big canal is on the left. That empty field had corn growing in it last year and Robin says its going to have alfalfa this year. Just recently the birds called killdeer are back.  I used to like to chase them but I don’t bother with them much now. Ginny thinks it’s great fun to chase them but she won’t pay attention when Robin calls her to come back. Robin says that Ginny’s brain turns off. So now Ginny has to be on a long leash and Robin keeps calling her back and then giving her treats.


The leash can reach the water in the canal so Ginny can still get wet. It’s more work for Robin because she has to make sure that we don’t all get tangled up or that the leash gets caught on something. She also does more running than usual–in fact she usually just walks. But it seems that if she runs she can sort of keep up when Ginny is at a trot. She can’t keep up when we really want to play chase though. Robin said something about getting her bike out and taking Ginny so she’ll get more exercise. I used to go with Robin when she rode her bike, but not since Maggie came. I guess it’s too hard to take two dogs with the bike.IMG_2437 IMG_2440

I like this picture of Ginny and me. IMG_2446

This is what Ginny looked like after we finished playing. Guess who was on the ground most of the time!

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