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Taking Ginny for a Hike

January 1, 2015

The people all decided to go hiking yesterday and take us dogs along. The first sign was that they piled jackets and gloves and leashes and socks and boots in the kitchen. That was more gear than we usually take–I guess because this was to be a winter hike. They seem to need a lot more stuff in the winter. The next sign was the pills. I got one that is supposed to keep me from getting sore. Maggie got one that is supposed to keep her from throwing up in the car (besides not getting breakfast). Ginny didn’t get a pill but Robin put most of her food in a bag to take with us. Ginny rode in her crate and Maggie and I had to ride in the back of the car with a bunch of towels on the floor.

We got to Matt’s house in Pollock Pines and Maggie hadn’t throw up yet but she wasn’t looking too happy. Everyone loaded into our car and Matt’s truck and we kept on driving. When Robin finally opened the back of the Explorer Maggie and I just looked at the people like they were crazy. We’re supposed to get out in this?


I know it doesn’t look bad here but the wind was blowing in the car and it was FREEZING out. Robin made me get out so she could clean up where maggie threw up but I wanted back in. They got the puppy out and I even felt bad for her because she was was scared from the howling wind and the big dogs and slippery ground. DSC_1107

The people put big things on their feet and we once we started walking it wasn’t so bad. Ginny ended up going back to the car because it was too cold for her but Maggie and I did OK.Rusty at Loon Lake

Still it was windy.


My ears don’t usually stand up like that but the wind makes me look that way. I kind of like that look.Kirin

Kirin can make his ears stand up by themselves without the wind. We didn’t stay at this place very long. Everyone got back into the cars and we drove to another place where we all got out, even Ginny. We have gone on hikes here before, but this time there was a lot of ice and some snow. This was Ginny’s first hike.


At first she didn’t know how to go around logs and rocks and the people helped her. Eventually she figured it out and kept up with everyone.

Ginny in snowDSC_1288

When we got to the waterfall Robin made Ginny stay on a leash but the rest of us could run around.DSC_1205

Here is a group photo of all of us. Kirin, Ginny, Sam, me, and Maggie. Do you know how many people it took to arrange this photo? Robin shows that in her blog.  She showed more photos in this post too.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 3, 2015 2:57 pm

    What a FUN adventure! Ginny will be a fast learner. -Cody

    • January 4, 2015 12:44 am

      Robin showed me your blogs about Magic. At least he’s all grown up. This puppy has too much energy, but at least Maggie is there for a buffer. Ginny leaves me alone most of the time.

  2. Bonnie permalink
    January 4, 2015 6:44 pm

    Rusty, I hope you will show Ginny how to slide on her stomach in the snow. I think that is the most fun thing to do in the snow. Jean says I “squiggle.” Stella doesn’t get it even though I’ve tried to teach her – but then she isn’t a Border Collie. Bonnie

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