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I’m Not Feeling the Love…

December 12, 2014

Puppy this. Puppy that. Puppy gets treats. “Oh, cute puppy!” “Ginny!” in a frilly happy voice. IMG_0480

Sunny just got here and he has to deal with this puppy.

Robin took these photos today while sitting at the computer:

IMG_0502 IMG_0510

That puppy has the spot right next to her chair.

And she has toys. Never mind that I don’t usually want to come in here and I never want toys. Now I do.

Everything is all mixed up. IMG_0513

Since when does Maggie go in a crate? Robin wanted to get her used to one again and has been giving her treats in one but that’s on the back porch. It’s not this one. This is where Sunny stayed when he first got here and then Robin fixed it up for this puppy.IMG_0534

See Maggie? See how it feels to be displaced? What is Ozzie doing in there?IMG_0537

At least we got to come in the shop for awhile. It’s the biggest storm we’ve had in a few years and all the places that Maggie and I usually hang out are really wet. IMG_0521

I never used to like these chew things but I just took one out of the puppy crate and now I realize how good they are. Robin gave me only one. I can’t help it if I eat it up in an evening. I want another now.

I just tried to go outside but it’s raining even harder. I guess I’d rather stay in here even though the Puppy is here too. At least she is attached to Robin with a leash. I just growled at her when she got to close and Robin growled at me.

By the way, Robin said that I have to let you know that the puppy is not chained up. Robin has been reading these books about keeping the puppy close to her with a leash. But the puppy chews the leash so Robin found a chain but she says it’s too big and she needs a smaller one. A friend of hers told her that you can put something on the regular leash to make it taste bad so she is going to try that. Maybe she should spray some on me so the puppy leaves me alone.

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