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Hiking to the River

November 10, 2014

Maggie and I were worried this morning because the people were putting things in the car we thought it would be another boring day. But then Robin took the leashes and we thought that something good might happen. She also gave us some special pills. Maggie got a pill that is supposed to keep her from throwing up in the car because she does that when we go on curvy roads. (She also didn’t get to eat any breakfast.) I got a pill that is supposed to help my hips not feel sore.DSC_0003Usually when we go hiking we don’t have to wear leashes, but today we did, at least at first. If I have to wear a leash I’d rather be with Dan. He knows that I should be the leader. When Robin holds the leash she always tries to make me stay near her.DSC_0004There was a little bit of green grass but not much. There were a lot of tall dry plants full of stickers. Robin calls them star thistle. DSC_0014The people didn’t seem to know where they were going. We went out one trail and then back to another. Then we got on a road that went down and down and down. The road ended and there was a trail. The people who made the trail didn’t seem to know where they wanted to go because the trail kept changing directions. Robin says that’s a switchback. Yeah. It switches back and forth–see what I mean? They couldn’t decide which direction to go. We finally got to the bottom and were glad to see water.



IMG_1299I spent some time in the water but then I got distracted by sparkles. If you have read other blog posts about our hiking trips then you know that Robin makes fun of me because of my obsession interest in sparkles and light. Usually that light shows up when Robin is taking pictures but this one kept moving around Dan as he moved his arm. I think it’s important to know when these lights come and go but Robin doesn’t understand that.DSC_0065After awhile we left the river and started walking again. We were on a road that was straighter than the trail we took down to the river and it was in the shade so it was cool. By then the people decided that we didn’t need to be leashes anymore. Much better.DSC_0067The trail went back into the sun. Dan and Robin brought water but they didn’t think to bring anything for me to drink out of. The river was fine but that was at the half way point of this hike. Then we had a lot of uphill hiking.Rusty drinking from plastic bag on hikeRobin found a plastic bag in her pack and gave me water out of that. It worked OK, but Maggie couldn’t figure it out. DSC_0072Here we are near the end of the trail. Robin has a thing that tells her how far we walked. Dan had said we were going to go on a 6 mile hike, but this one turned into 10 miles. IMG_1306Robin used her phone to take photos of Maggie and me in the car. She says that they photos aren’t very good because the car was bouncy.Maggie & Rusty in car after hiking

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  1. May 13, 2015 5:14 am

    First time visitor to your blog by way of weaving blogs…
    Great narration by the puppers.


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