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Turkey in a Box

October 17, 2014

Robin and her friends have some nutty ideas but I’ll play along if it means I get a snack or, even better, get to herd sheep. A bunch of her friends were here almost everyday last week. Mostly they stayed in Robin’s shop and made yarn (they call it spinning, but that’s what I do when I am trying to catch my tail).IMG_0182

This is a photo of some of Robin’s friends. See those jars? They are full of colored wool and the ladies got all excited when one of them won a jar.DSC_8691Eventually we went to the barn and Robin and her friend, Dona, asked for my help. It seems there is a photo contest along with a spinning contest and I was an important part of it.DSC_8705

They put turkey and some other dog treats in this box because they wanted me to stand there with my head in the box on three sticks. I know…a little embarrassing (for them I mean because this is so dumb) but it seemed to make them all happy so I did it.DSC_8716

The ladies were so thrilled…Team photo 2

…that they even did it on another day. If you notice this is a different group of people (at least some of them).DSC_8823 DSC_8723  It turned out that there were other treats in the barn too. These smelled interesting, but I don’t think I’d stick my head in a box for them. Dona and RustyThis is Robin’s friend named Dona who had the idea of the box on the sticks. This is probably the best photo that she took.

We finally went to the pasture where I thought that maybe there would be some real sheepdog work to do.DSC_8857

I got in position to move the sheep to the barn but then the ladies just wanted to give the sheep treats. See me over to the right ready to work?DSC_8853 Good thing that they weren’t giving the sheep my turkey treats.DSC_8839

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  1. Nina Rynearson permalink
    October 17, 2014 2:20 pm

    That’s a Spinilla photo shoot winner for sure. Hilarious. Good dog, Rusty!

  2. Bob Lynda permalink
    October 17, 2014 11:19 pm

    Papa Bob says Where us Robin?

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