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Don’t Get Left Behind

October 9, 2014

Robin was gone a lot last week. She and her friends were at something called Lambtown. I wonder if there is a Dogtown. If there isn’t then there should be and I should go there. Anyway, Maggie and I were annoyed that she was gone so much. Luckily on Monday Robin was here and there were a bunch of her friends too…the ones that she calls Farm Club. It’s usually good when they come because they do stuff in the barn and sometimes I get to help them.

Robin and the other people sorted out all the sheep and then put the rams in with different groups. Robin told more about what they were doing in her blog. I got to help with this ram.


He is just a little one and there were only four ewes with him.DSC_8538

This morning Robin got in the truck to go somewhere but then she had to go to the house for her keys …

Dogs in the truck

…so Maggie and I made sure that she couldn’t go without us.

Dogs in the shop

Later when all the ladies (yeah, they were here again today) were in the shop spinning we let them know that we wanted to be in there too. It was a lot cooler inside the shop than out in the sun.

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