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A Puppy…sort of

October 2, 2014

Now I understand what the alive thing is that has been in the house. It’s like a puppy. Except it doesn’t have much hair and it doesn’t run around and it makes really loud noises when it’s not happy and everyone makes a big deal about it. Robin says it’s a baby and that’s like a puppy and that’s why it’s special.  I haven’t been around puppies much. I remember one that I played with when it was visiting. Sam was a puppy once and Robin was going to find a baby picture of him because I remember when he was smaller than me. But she just started looking at her photos and Got Distracted. Now it’s an hour later and she still didn’t find his puppy photo.  In this blog post you can see what Sam looks like now and Kirin is supposed to be a puppy but I don’t think so.


Yesterday they put the puppy baby in a little basket thing facing the window.  I wanted to watch it but not from the wrong side of the window.


I can watch it better from inside the house.IMG_1063



Katie and Robin still say that I’m obsessed. That sounds negative. I’m attentive and isn’t that a good thing?IMG_1051

Here is what they did with the baby yesterday.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    October 2, 2014 11:43 pm

    Not obsessed … focused is better! Good dog, Rusty, for keeping your eye on new puppies, whoops, children around the house.

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