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Special Issue from Guest Blogger, Fiona the Red Border Collie

October 1, 2014

Hi! Rusty asked me to fill in for him on this issue. Sometimes the pressure of writing on demand right when his mom, Robin, wants it is just too much, even for a very focused border collie. A farm dog has many important chores; I found that out recently during an overnight visit to Meridian Jacobs.

Usually the 3 of us (Rusty, Maggie, and me) just play around in the yard, but this was different. Rusty and Maggie invited me up to stay at their house while their people were out of town. My person, Lisa, came along since I choose not to drive.

Rusty and Maggie were so excited to show me their house, and introduce me to their pet black cat, Ozzie. After getting familiar with the house, I was a little too interested in Ozzie, so Mom had to put me on a leash when I was in the house. I just don’t get that; I am just trying to be a friendly guest. Instead I had to eat my breakfast and dinner out on the porch while everybody else ate in the house. It was OK, though, because I love the porch at Meridian Jacobs. Here I am hanging out on the porch with Rusty – someone on a farm nearby was shooting a gun! We don’t like that.


Maggie obviously doesn’t mind it.


I got to sleep in my special crate bed in the bedroom with Mom. Everybody else slept in the other room. But one night Rusty, Maggie and I heard something and started barking ferociously all at the same time! It was so exciting because Mom then let us all out to run around and bark in the moonlight to scare away whatever bad thing was out there (Mom note: it was only 9:30 p.m. and it was probably a possum).

The next morning Rusty got to go out to the barn to help Mom while Maggie and I stayed in the yard, but he came back very soon and went in the house. Oh, no – there were the enormous balloons that he had told me about. I decided they weren’t a big deal so Maggie and I stayed out and played.

Fiona3 Fiona4

Mom let me go out to the barn on the leash a couple of times when she took care of the animals. No fair since Maggie and Rusty got to run anywhere they wanted! So close, and yet so far …


I really liked all my new friends, but I think this big animal is very, very scary. Mom seems to really like her and even feeds her special treats, talks to her, and scratches her nose.



I kept hearing Mom talking on the phone about a bad fire in the mountains. The sunrises and sunsets on the farm were very pretty, probably because of the smoke. Sometimes it even smelled like smoke.


Then Rusty’s people called and said they had to come home early because the smoke was so bad; everybody was very sad and upset because a race was cancelled. I was very sad and upset because I had hoped for one more visit out to the barn where I planned to escape and head for the chicken coop. Those birds look mighty interesting and I think I might be able to sneak in if I make myself very skinny somehow. Maggie and I discussed our strategy when Rusty wasn’t listening.

I hope that Rusty and Maggie’s people go away again someday and invite me to come up and help. I think the 3 of us make a great team! Maybe next time we can run the farm without Mom’s help. Woof!

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  1. October 1, 2014 11:59 pm

    Fiona, you are a beautiful girl. I wish my dogs could come to play with you!

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