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Excitement Across the Road

May 6, 2014

Robin and Maggie and I went for a walk Across the Road yesterday. Robin was ignoring Maggie and me because she was too busy taking pictures of weeds.


I don’t know why she is taking these pictures. I know that she is going to start complaining about those weeds pretty soon and then she will also trim the hair on my feet. I hate that.

So Robin was looking at weeds and didn’t know what Maggie and I were dealing with.Image

See what I mean? Maggie and I were just looking for ground squirrels to chase and here came this other dog. I thought it was a dog, but Robin said it is a coyote. 


It jumped back across the ditch but it wouldn’t go away. 


It kept barking at Maggie and me.Image




Robin made us come back to her and waited so we could keep walking.Image


The coyote wouldn’t back off so we had to go another way. Robin says that she probably has pups in a den nearby. I guess that she is just acting mean like those sheep of ours when they have babies. 

While we were waiting for the coyote to go away (which she never did) some other people and dogs caught up to us. We never see other dogs out here so that was very exciting too. The people said that they were from town but one of the farmers had told them that they could walk their dogs out here. Robin showed them where to go to get around the scary Mama Coyote. 


We walked with them until they got back to their car. Two of the dogs were really big. This is one of them.ImageOn our way back home Robin kept taking pictures of grass. You’d think that she’d learn to pay more attention to us.


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  1. August 3, 2014 4:10 pm

    Wow! I found this post wildly interesting. Rusty, tell your Mom those are great pix; even the weeds.

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