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It’s Like Herding Cats

March 30, 2014

I don’t get to work with the sheep much right now. They all have babies and those mama sheep are just plain mean. But sometimes Robin asks me to help.

ImageThe sheep get moved from one field to the next after they eat too much of the grass. Robin takes down that white fence…Image…and the sheep all go running through to the next field. But it doesn’t always work right. ImageThe lambs sometimes don’t  figure out what they are supposed to do.

ImageThis was last week and a whole bunch of them started running the wrong way.

Image Robin called me over…Image…and I started to walk them up the fence line. ImageBut these lambs still didn’t get it. Even though I was keeping them close to the fence then they started to veer off to the barn.

Image So I started to move them again.

ImageSome went throughout the opening…

Image…but not all. They thought that there was still a fence there.


ImageSee what I mean about the silly lambs not knowing how they are supposed to act?ImageFinally they all went through where they were supposed to be.


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