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It’s Green Across the Road

March 14, 2014

Today Fiona visited again with her person. We spent a lot of time in the yard while the people did things with the baby lambs. I was happy to stay in the yard for now. I don’t like to be in the barn with all those mean mother sheep. Finally Robin and the people came back to the house and decided to go Across the Road with us dogs. It was about time.


That is Fiona who is not looking at the camera. Maggie has learned that the camera is OK. I think she is even posing here.


When we first go on a walk I always wait for Robin to say OK so then I can run. I run a little ways and then I stop and wait for Robin to say OK again. Then I do that again–until we get to this turn in the road and then I don’t care anymore.


Maggie got way far ahead and Robin called her. She came running directly at the camera. See what I mean? She really has learned about getting her picture taken. She used to be afraid of it.Image

Fiona doesn’t quite know how to have her picture taken. In this one she held her tail out of the photo. (Maybe her tail is just too fluffy and won’t fit in the photo. Mine isn’t that fluffy. I’ll bet when there are a lot of stickers out that fluff will cause her trouble.)Image

In this one Fiona had been in the canal and started to shake the water off. Robin has embarrassing photos of me shaking like that too. I guess this one isn’t Fiona’s fault.  Robin is kind of sneaky.


This walk was kind of short but it was nice to get out for awhile.



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  1. Lisa permalink
    March 15, 2014 12:15 am

    Fiona here – I had to shake off a lot more after Mom hosed me down when we got home. That is the only part I don’t like about visiting your farm; you and Maggie are so lucky to live there. So much excitement all the time! Woof, woof!

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