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Happy Birthday Maggie

February 25, 2014

I’m a couple of days late with this because Robin was using the computer for Taxes. I don’t know what Taxes are but she was not very happy about it and didn’t Do Anything Fun. Now she is over Taxes and its my turn at the computer. We don’t really know when Maggie’s birthday is but she came here on February 23 last year so we are calling that her birthday.

Maggie has learned a lot from me since she came here, but there are some things that she still doesn’t know and I sort of think that she’ll never learn. After all I am a Border Collie and other dogs just don’t have as much room in their brains. Here are some things that Maggie has learned:

DSC_39811. When we are Across the Road you can walk across the canal if you use one of those boards the people put up. The water is noisy but it doesn’t have to be scary.DSC_39682. You can cool off in the canal but it feels good to get the extra water off by shaking.

DSC_20433. Even big noisy water is OK if you are with Robin.  


4. I showed Maggie where you can get a better view of what is going on the barn and Robin doesn’t mind if we watch from up there if we are quiet. (Maggie hasn’t quite learned that part.)


5. The camera isn’t scary. Maggie used to be afraid of the camera. 

DSC_77996. I showed Maggie where all the ground squirrel holes are and she helps dig for them.

DSC_8806There are some  things that Maggie hasn’t learned. Maggie doesn’t run off when Robin is doing stuff in the barn and that is a good thing, but she is always looking for trouble. When Robin sorts wool it is pretty boring so it’s a good time for a nap. Maggie doesn’t relax and uses the littlest excuse to chase something…DSC_8748…especially the chickens, which are now locked up again.  Maggie has a reputation now with chickens although she did save the day once. I didn’t tell you this before but Maggie did kill one of the chickens a couple of weeks ago. In this photo she is looking at a little bird that was flying around in the top of the chicken house. She would like to catch that bird. Did you know that she has killed a couple of quail? Bad dog.DSC_8739  Here is another thing that Maggie hasn’t learned. She won’t stay away from an open gate. I know when I’m not supposed to go in a gate. I wait patiently until Robin needs me but Maggie just barges in and doesn’t pay attention when Robin tells her to go out.IMG_4602She doesn’t know about haystacks. When Robin gets on top of a stack I know that those big heavy bales are going to come rolling down. I go far away without being told, but Maggie is oblivious. Robin has to wait for her to go away on her own.puncture vineDo you see those spiny things in this puncture vine? When those dry out and get stuck in your foot they really hurt. If Maggie steps on one she keeps going by walking on three feet. I know that if I just stop then Robin will come back to pull it out. Why should I keep on walking when Robin will come back to me?

Here’s another thing. When it is cold weather Robin pushes a button in the house and then hot air blows out of the ceiling. Maggie is afraid of that. When the air started blowing for the first time last fall Maggie didn’t want to come in the house. Now she is more used to it but she still won’t walk across the middle of the kitchen–instead she slinks around near the wall to get past the blowing things.

Oh, and Maggie has never learned what she is supposed to do when the big brown truck comes. I have tried my best to get her to run to the swinging tire with me but I finally give up and do it myself. Sometimes Robin runs with me to get Maggie to come too, but she just doesn’t get it.

Maggie also gets us both in trouble. She barks at the squirrels that live in the bamboo and come out to the almond trees and she is so excited that I bark too. Then Robin gets mad at us and yells.

But over all I am glad that Maggie is here to be my friend. She is very different than a year ago when she came.

Maggie hiding

For the first couple of weeks after Maggie came Robin tied her in the barn while we were taking care of the sheep that were lambing. (Oh, notice the red leashes and then the chain for Maggie. Maggie chewed through three leashes before Robin figured out to use a chain. So who is not so smart?) Maggie was afraid of just about everything and that is why she is hiding in that green thing in this photo.MaggieNow she isn’t nearly as afraid and she doesn’t have to be tied up.

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    February 25, 2014 5:25 pm

    Happy Birthday, Maggie! You have certainly come a long way in a year. I can’t wait to come up and run Across The Road with you again! Maybe we can chase some quail together.

    From your friend, Fiona

  2. Bonnie permalink
    February 27, 2014 4:22 pm

    Happy birthday, Maggie. You have learned a lot from Rusty. You are a smart girl to listen to his wisdom. I wish I could say as much for Stella. She is too crabby & disregards everything I try to teach her. She is hopeless. I’m glad Rusty has a new, good friend and that you have a great home. Bonnie

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