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Left Behind Again

January 13, 2014

Robin went somewhere this weekend. She said she was going to buy yarn. I don’t know why. She always says she has a lot of yarn so I don’t know why she needs more. Whatever.

Dan took Maggie and me on a walk Across the Road, but most of the time he sat in The Chair. So us dogs slept a lot. At least Robin bought us beds so we don’t have to use the old blankets she had put on the floor.


These photos were taken at night so they are not very good but they are all that Robin left for me to use.


Maggie doesn’t know how to use a bed correctly.

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  1. Bonnie permalink
    January 19, 2014 11:37 pm

    Great beds! Stella and I had a very bad day Thursday. Two weeks ago the people took us in for our annual shots, which is bad enough. Then the vet said we both had dirty teeth. Can you imagine such insensitivity! So we both had to go in last week and get our teeth cleaned. And my story is even worse. She found two foxtails, one in each ear. They had been there for some time, but since I was careful not to scratch in front of anyone, nobody knew. Well, they are gone now. Vets sure take advantage when you are out & can’t defend yourself. I’m fine and Stella is back to her grumpy self so she must be okay too. Bonnie

    • January 21, 2014 6:55 am

      Hey Bonnie, I know what you mean. Robin keeps looking at my teeth and muttering something about going to the dentist. I think it might be happening soon. She should just give me more of those greenie treats–aren’t those supposed to keep my teeth clean? Rusty

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