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Across the Road by Rusty

January 1, 2014

Robin wrote two posts (here and here) about the same thing today. TWO! It’s finally my turn to write about going Across the Road. That’s the next best thing to working with sheep. We’re not working with sheep much right now so I look forward to going Across the Road. Here is my perspective of what it is like Across the Road.


We usually have to start out on leashes to walk Across the Road, at least Maggie does. Robin doesn’t always make be on a leash. When we’re on the dirt road Robin takes the leashes off. I wait for the signal “OK” to run. Robin is too slow so I stop and wait again for her to say “OK”. Then I run. Then I wait again…and again…. Usually it’s just Maggie and me but sometimes a friend comes along.



That is Fiona. I don’t really care. I’m waiting for Robin to say “OK” again so I can run. Fiona is supposed to run then too.Image



During the summer there is water so I can cool off after running. Image




So there are a few stickers. I don’t see a problem with that.Image

The best thing about going Across the Road is digging out squirrel holes.Image

First we have to figure out which holes have squirrels.Image

Then it’s time to dig.



Maggie sometimes helps…


…and sometimes we have to bite the dirt away.


I haven’t caught a squirrel yet but I know that we’ll get one next time.ImageImage 

This is me asking nicely to go on a walk again.

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  1. January 1, 2014 10:11 pm

    Next time you’ll get that squirrel!

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