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Shearing Day-My Version

November 22, 2013

Last weekend all the sheep were shorn. Robin wrote about it here. Usually this is a good day for me because I watch the sheep all day to make sure they do what they are supposed to. Last year Shearing Day was good. This time the day didn’t start out too well. There were all those bad scary balloons out. Robin didn’t even notice that I wasn’t very happy until part way through the morning.


Maggie always acts nervous.Image


But Robin didn’t notice me…Image

…until she saw me hiding in the stall.Image

She was too busy watching the shearing. Finally she figured out that something was wrong. Then she decided to have me do some work to take my mind off the bad things.Image

I still wasn’t sure that it was a very good idea to go outside.Image

But Robin really needed me to move the sheep so she could take photos.Image

[Note from Robin: Don’t tell Rusty that i just made up that job so that he would stop thinking about balloons and focus on something else.]


We came back to the barn and I had to make sure that the balloons were really gone.Image

After that I could pay attention to the sheep in the pen…Image

…and, of course, watch the sparkles.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. November 22, 2013 10:28 am

    Robin is very good to you, Rusty.

  2. Bonnie permalink
    November 22, 2013 5:41 pm

    You are right, they could have been aliens. Good work, Rusty. Your buddy, Bonnie

  3. December 21, 2013 1:59 am

    Rusty is a beautiful boy and so very skilled. 🙂

    • December 21, 2013 2:44 am

      Hot air balloons. They fly overhead and watch us. They make scary whooshing sounds.

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