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Hugs All Around (you missed someone)

November 1, 2013



It is finally my turn to write on the blog again. Robin’s Farm Club came out last week to do stuff with sheep.Image

The sheep all ended up with crayon marks on their faces. I’m glad that those people don’t do that to me. I’ll bet some of them would do that if they thought I’d let them. I can just hear them saying “let’s color the dog!” These ladies are kind of crazy like that. These sheep are the ones that were not with the rams. Robin said that most of them are the ewe lambs that she is keeping from this year’s lamb crop. But there are also some older sheep in here with their lambs that were born at the fair in July.


Robin ear tagged the ewe lambs that she is keeping. She cuts out the little lamb tag and puts in a bigger one. The ladies said something about graduation and started humming some marching song.


One of the ladies cleaned buckets for Robin. There were a lot of buckets.



Two of the ladies (Dona and Mary) were sent out to the field with a shovel to dig out the irrigation tarps since Robin isn’t irrigating anymore this year. I think she should because there hasn’t been any rain and nothing is growing out there. [The irrigation system is shut down for the season so I can’t irrigate even if I wanted to, Rusty….(Robin)]



This is some of the ladies watching me bring one group of sheep in from the back field.


I made them to all the way into the barn.


Maggie has to be on a chain while I’m working. Otherwise she gets through the fence and gets in the way.Image

I don’t know what the ladies are doing here. I think Robin is telling them to do something that is on their list.



One thing the ladies get all excited about is looking at the wool. Robin is going to have the sheep shorn in a couple of weeks and the Farm Club ladies get to choose fleeces for themselves. So they looked at all the groups of sheep and put their names on cards to reserve those fleeces.Image


They took all the rams away from the ewes and put them in their Ram Buddy Pen. The rams fight and if they are in the big ram pen they will try to kill each other. In this small pen they can’t do as much damage although they are still trying to bash each other.


Did you see that item that is fourth from the bottom on the list in the photo above? I don’t know what the big deal is about hugging a sheep.


Maggie got a hug and she is not a sheep. Are we missing something here?

(Thanks to some of “the ladies” for providing photos when Robin was too busy to take them.)


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