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Across the Road

July 5, 2013

Robin finally thought about doing something with us dogs. It’s been HOT and BORING here.  So yesterday Robin decided to go for a walk in the morning before it got too hot.

DSC_3961This is what it looks like. There are dirt roads with ditches full of water. Right now there are big boxes along the edges of the fields.DSC_3963Robin kept calling Maggie and me away from the boxes.DSC_3926I just want to see what is in there.DSC_3932This is something I know to avoid. Robin calls it puncture vine. See those spiky things at the top of the photo? Those hurt when you step on them. They also cause holes in Robin’s bike tires. 

When we walk over here in the summer there is always water so we can cool off.DSC_3975Maggie doesn’t like the water so much…DSC_3966but it has been hot enough that even she got in the ditch.DSC_3969One of the best things with going Across the Road is that there are a lot of ground squirrels to catch. DSC_3989This is one of the best spots.DSC_3993I can smell them in that hole.DSC_3996Sometimes digging works best.DSC_3994Other times I bite at the dirt to make the hole bigger.DSC_3999Usually Maggie helps, but she wasn’t very interested yesterday.DSC_4004I kept working, but finally Robin said we had to go.DSC_4007One last dip in the canal.DSC_3927Yeah, so I picked up a few burrs.DSC_3930Do you have a problem with that?

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  1. katherine permalink
    July 5, 2013 7:08 pm

    if i was there, and it would be nice to be there, i would very gently remove the burrs so that your beautiful fur would be all silky again. you say your mom might do a better job? maybe you’re right. i’ll stick to tiger and otis’ fur…it’s hard enough to keep smooth, except otis’ fur if cut like a lion now, so he doesn’t get matted. he looks a bit funny, but he’s very proud.

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