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Foxtails don’t come from foxes

June 15, 2013

Today I had to go to the doctor. I wasn’t very happy about it but there was something in my ear that was uncomfortable.


First I had to stand on a scale. (I am 50 pounds.)


We had to wait awhile. The doctors were busy with other dogs with serious problems.



Maybe we should just go home.



No such luck. This is the patient room. Ooh. You can see my feet here. Robin got the scissors out this morning and trimmed the hair off my toes again. She doesn’t do a very good job and it always looks sloppy.



This is a chair in the patient room. I wonder if dogs get to sit in it. There was white dog hair on it. One of the ladies that works here took me in the back room.


I came back out with one of my doctors, Dr. Murray. She got that foxtail out of my right ear. Now can we go home?


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  1. December 21, 2013 2:01 am

    Aw, poor little man. My boy Loki gets that same stressed look when the vet does something unpleasant.

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